Litigation Friend launches “Am I a Worker?” Tech Tool

The Uber Supreme Court case has gotten us thinking..

When Tara Grossman, the founder of Litigation Friend worked in private practice, she used to get instructed by big corporate clients who wanted advice on whether their workforce were “employees” “workers” or “self-employed”. This advice would usually involve the work of three lawyers at an average cost of £400 per hour. The end result? A 20 page note with a lot of case law and the answer being “in conclusion, depending on x, y and z, your workforce MAY be workers but depending on the outcome of cases a and b, they could also be self-employed”.

The final cost? £10,000!

If it costs £10k for a corporate to get this advice - how could 1,000s of individual economy delivery driver/courier working on less than the minimum wage get the advice they need?

The answer? Technology!

And so Litigation Friend has designed an “Am I a Worker?” tech tool. 13 simple questions, 5 minutes and you are given a simple answer. The best bit? It is free!

If you work in the gig economy and want to know whether you are a “worker” and therefore entitled to the minimum wage, holiday pay and discrimination rights.

Take our “Am I a Worker” quiz here

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